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Chicago Style Popcorn

TopCorn, LLC The best Chicago style gourmet popcorn is now available Online. Gourmet Popcorn is a sensible alternative for holiday gifts, meetings, fundraisers and parties.  Visit us at our store or order online.


“Chicago-Style” Mix - We take our Creamy Caramel and our ZESTY CHEEZE and marry them together to form a smooth sweet and salty taste that’s just right . By the way this is our #1 seller.

Georgia Pecan Cluster - Similar to our Creamy Caramel with a slight subtle difference, we take a huge leap and add the one and only Georgia Pecans, need we say more!

Creamy Caramel - Brought together with some old
fashioned ingredients and high quality flavorings,
it’s highly addictive.

Green Apple- A “refreshing favorite” truly a treat for
your mouth, a 98% great success rate with kids and
quite a few adults too!

Had enough?

Cheddar Cheese - Who say’s it ain’t easy when you’re
CHEEZY! Coated well with fine with our cheese mixture,
you’ll be licking your fingers…

“Yellow” Cheese - This is the silk-like cheesy flavor
is hard to resist, this is the other half of our great
“Chicago-Style” mix.

Cajun Cheese - A “HOT” hit, My favorite! We take our
smooth cheddar cheese and add a little fire to it… but
not too much.. you can handle it.

Cinnamon– The red cinnamon, smooth flavor, goes great mixed with our creamy caramel and “Yellow” cheese.